Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Seasons - Fall

Apple, free

Apples, 5 Cents, pay

Autumn Leaves, pay

Autumn Illusion, free

Back To School, free

Bushel of Apples, pay

Candy Apple, free

Corn, pay

Fall, pay

Fall Leaves, pay

Falling Leaves, free

Flying South, pay

Gary the Gobbler, free

Hayride, pay

I Love Harvest Moon, free

Maple Leaf, pay

Melissa’s Garden Maple Leaf, free

Not So Scarycrow, pay

November, pay

Oak Leaf, free

Oaks In Autumn, pay

October, pay

Preparing For Winter, pay

Pumpkin, free

Pumpkin, pay

Pumpkins, pay

Redbud Leaf, pay

Scarecrow, pay

School Bus, pay

September, pay

Skull and Crossbones, free

Squirrel, diagonal, free

Waves Of Grain, pay

Winter Tree/Family Tree, pay

Friday, January 25, 2008

Seasons - Winter

A Christmas Dishcloth Story, free

A Friend From Up North, pay

A Winter's Walk, pay

December, pay

Deer In Winter, pay

Evergreens In The Snow, pay

February, pay

Flakes’n Penguins, pay

Flakes’n Snowmen, pay

Flakes’n Trees, pay

Girl Ice Skating, pay

Happy Penguin, pay

Hot Cocoa Mug, pay

Ice Skate, pay

Ice Skates, pay

Igloo, pay

Interlocking Snowman, pay

It’s Snowing, pay

It’s Snowing Girl, pay

January, pay

Let It Snow, Baby, free

Mittens, pay

Mittens, pay

More Snowflakes, pay

Penguin, diagonal, free

Penguin On Ice, pay

Penguin Snowglobe, pay

Polar Bear, pay

Reindeer Tracks, pay

Sim's Snowboarder, free

Skiing, pay Skiing, pay

Sleigh, pay

Snow Buddies, pay

Snow Crystal, pay

Snowflake, free

Snowflake, free

Snowflake, free

Snowflake, pay

Snowflake, pay

Snowflake Beauty, pay

Snowflake Star, pay

Snowflakes, pay

Snowman, diagonal, free

Snowman, pay

Snowman, pay

Snowman Angel, pay

Snowman Family, pay

Snowman In A Snowglobe, pay

Snowman Love, pay

Snowman On A Tobaggon, pay

Snowman With Pipe, pay

Snowman With Shovel, pay

Sparkle Flake, free

Surfer/Snowboarder, pay

Through A Christmas Window, pay

Tree In A Snowglobe, pay

Tree Lot, pay

Trees’n Snow Crystals, pay

Trees’n Snowmen, pay

Wave Pool, free

Winter Hat, pay

Winter Scene, pay

Winter Tree/Family Tree, pay

Winter Wonder, 6 patterns, pay

Wintery Tree In A Snowglobe, pay

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sports, Fitness, Colleges

00, David Reutiman, free

01, David Ragan, free

07, Clint Bowyer, free

1, Martin Truex, free

2, Kurt Busch, free

3, Dale Earnhardt, free

4, Ward Burton, free

5, Casey Mears, free

6, David Ragan, free

7, Robby Gordon, free

8, Mark Martin, Aric Armirola, Dale Earnhardt, Jr., free

9, Kasey Kahne, free

9, free

10, Vernon Wells, free
10, Scott Riggs 07, Patrick carpentier 08, free

11, Denny Hamlin, free

12, Ryan Newman, free

14, Tony Stewart, free

15, Paul Menard, free

16, Greg Biffle, free

17, Matt Kenseth, free

18, Kyle Busch, free

19, Elliott Sadler, free

20, Tony Stewart, free

21, Ken Schrader, free

21, Sean Taylor, free

22 Dave Blaney, free

24, Jeff Gordon, free

25, Casey Mears, free

25, Troy Glaus, free

26, Jamie McMurray, free

29, Kevin Harvick, free

31, Jeff Burton, free

32, Roy Halladay, free

33, Clint Boyer, free

36, Jeremy Mayfield, free

38, David Gilliland, free

39, Ryan Newman, free

40, David Stremme, free

41, Reed Sorenson, free

42, Juan Pablo Montoya, free

43, Bobby Labonte, free

44, Dale Jarrett, free

45, Kyle Petty, free

48, Jimmie Johnson, free

55, Michael Waltrip, free

66, Jeff Green, free

77, Sam Hornish, Jr., Brendan Gaughan, free

78, Joe, Nemechek, Kenny Wallace, free

83, Brian Vickers, free

84, AJ Allmendinger, free

88, Dale Earnhardt, Jr., free

88, free

96, JJ Yeley, free

99, Carl Edwards, free

2006 Olympics, pay

A & M, diagonal, free

Ardara Sport horses, pay

Arrowhead, free

Ballet Slippers, pay

Baseball, pay

Baseball Cap, pay

Basketball, pay

Basketball, pay

Batter Up, pay

Bicycle, pay

Bloomington Hoosier, free

Bodies in Motion, Gymnast, pay

Bodies in Motion, Karate, pay

Bodies in Motion, Runner, pay

Bodies in Motion, Yoga, pay

Bowling Ball, pay

Bowling Pin and Ball, pay

Boxing, pay

Boys in Blue, LA Dodgers, free

Bull’s Eye, free

Camping, pay

Canoeing, pay

Catcher's Mitt and Ball, pay

Cheerleader, pay

Cheerleader, pay

Coach’s Clipboard and Whistle, pay

Curling Rock, free

Cyclist, pay

Dance, pay

18th Hole, pay

Female B-Ball player, pay

Football, free

Football, pay

Football, pay

Football Helmet, pay

Football Helmet, pay

Football Player, pay

Fore, pay

Fore, pay

Girl Ice Skating, pay

Go Team!, pay

Golf, pay

Golf Bag, pay

Golf Ball and Tee, pay

Golf Clubs, pay

Golf Swing, pay

Gone Fishin', pay

Gone hunting, Rufus, pay

Gone hunting, The Lodge, pay

Gone Hunting, Trophies, pay

Gone Hunting, Uncle Bill, pay

Gymnast, pay

Habs, Montreal Canadians, 3 versions, (under free patterns on left), free

Hail to the. . . Michigan, free

Hey, Batter, Batter, pay

Hiking, pay

Hockey Player, pay

Hockey Rink, pay

Hockey Stick and Puck, pay

Hockey Sticks, pay

Hoops, pay

I Can Do It, pay

I Did It, pay

I Love Nascar, pay

Ice Skate, pay

Ice Skates, pay

In-line Skate, pay

LA Dodgers, free

Lady Golf Swing, pay

Lady Putter, pay

Let's Bowl, pay

Let's Go Sailing, pay

MIT, free

MSU, pay

New Year's Resolution #1, Lose Weight, pay

New Year's Resolution #2, Stop Smoking, pay

New Year's Resolution #3, Take A Trip, pay

New Year's Resolution #4, Get Fit and Strong, pay

New Year's Resolution #5, Try Somethin New, pay

North Carolina State, pay

Olympic Swimmer, pay

Olympic Torch, pay

Om, free

On On, free

On the Green, pay

On The Green, pay

OSU, free

Plain T-Shirt with option for up to 3 numbers, pay

Racing Flags, pay

Rah, Rah, Rah, pay

Roller Skate, pay

Saskatchewan S, pay

Sim's Snowboarder, free

Skateboard, pay

Skiing, pay

Sneaker, pay

Soccer Ball, pay

Soccer Ball, pay

Sports, pay

Study, Study, Study, pay

Surfer/Snowboarder, pay

Tee Time, pay

Tennis, pay

Terrier Pride, free

Texas Tech, diagonal, free

The Cheer Squad, 5 patterns in Sports, pay

The Stanley Cup, pay

Treadmill, pay

University of Kentucky, free

USA Game Rings, pay

Walker, pay

Waves Collection, Jet skier, pay

Waves Collection, Skier, pay

Waves Collection, Surfer, pay

Waves Collection, Wind Surfer, pay

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Transportation and Vehicles

#1 Driver, pay

Airplane, free

Airplane, free

Airplane, pay

Airplane, pay

Ambulance, pay

Amish Horse and Buggy, pay

Antique Car, pay

Are We There Yet?, pay

Baby Carriage, pay

Bicycle, pay

Big Rig, free

Bulldozer, pay

Bus, pay

Bus, pay

Bus, #1 Driver, pay

Caboose, pay

Camper, pay

Camper, pay

Canoeing, pay

Car, pay

Car On A Lift, pay

Car Tread, pay

Cement Truck, pay

Cooper, pay

Covered Wagon, pay

Fire Hydrant, pay

Firetruck, free

Ford, pay

Four Wheel Drive Vehicle, pay

Four Wheeler, pay

Fuzzy Dice, pay

Garbage Truck, free

Gas Pump, pay

Go Cart, pay

Going Camping, pay

GTO, pay

Hand Cart, pay

Helicopter, pay

Hot Air Balloon, pay

Hot Air Balloon, pay

I Love Nascar, pay

Ice Cream Truck, pay

John's Tractor, pay

Let's Go Sailing, pay

Little Engine, pay

Little Flat Car, Empty, pay

Little Flat Car With Car, pay

Little Flat Car With Pickup Truck, pay

Little Tank Engine, free

Luv Bug, free

Monster Truck, pay

Motorcycle, pay

Motorcycle, pay

Motorcycle, pay

Number 1 Bus Driver, pay

Pirate Ship, pay

Police Car, pay

Race Car, pay

Railroad Crossing, pay

Railroad Crossing, pay

Railroad Depot, pay

Railroad Signal Light, pay

Riding Through Lancaster, pay

Sailboat, free

Sailboat, pay

Sailboat, pay

Sailboat, pay

Sailboat, pay

School Bus, pay

Scooter, pay

Scooter, Vroom Scooter, pay

Ship, pay

Sleigh, pay

Sleigh, pay

Sleigh Ride, pay

Sleigh Ride, pay

Soaring Rocket, free

Surfer, Snowboarder, pay

Taxi, free

Tractor, pay

Train, free

Train, pay

Train Caboose, pay

Train Cars With Letters of the Alphabet, Individual, pay

Train Cars With Letters of the Alphabet, Complete Set, pay

Train Engine, pay

Train, Little Flat Car, Empty, pay

Train Tracks, pay

Tricycle, pay

Truck, free

Truck Tread, pay

Van, free

Van, free

Vroom Scooter, pay

Thursday, January 10, 2008


Baby Hearts, free

Bound By Love, pay

Bridal Shower Lace, free

Celtic Knot, pay

Claddagh, pay

Eternity Knot, pay

Floral Heart, pay

For Her, pay

For him, pay

Gifts For Someone Special, Snowberry Leaves, Hugs & Kisses, and Sweetheart tree, pay

Heart In Hand, pay

Hers, pay

His, pay

His and Hers Wedding Rings, pay

I Do, pay

I Love You, pay

I Love You, pay

I Love You, pay

Interlocked Hearts, free

Let The Bells Ring, pay

Love, free

Love, pay

Lovebirds, pay

Love Postage Stamp, pay

Rob Heart Amy, pay

Sweethearts, Version One, free

Sweethearts, Version Two, free

Sweethearts, Version Three, free

Sweethearts, Version Four, free

Tiny Bubbles, pay

To Have And To Hold, pay

True Love, pay

Two Hearts As One, free

Two Hearts Become One, pay

Two Hearts Entwined, pay

United In Love, pay

Wedding Bands, free

Wedding Bells, pay

Wedding Cake, pay

Wedding Cake, pay

Wedding Cloth With Names, free

Wedding Cloths, set of 8, pay

Wedding Couple, pay

Wedding Dress On A Hangar, pay

Wedding Kiss, pay

Wedding Mints, pay

Wedding Ring Heart, pay

Wedding Ring Quilt, pay

Wedding Rings, pay

Young Love, pay

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Western, Southwestern, Camping

Ant Carrying a Picnic Basket, pay

Antelope, pay

Armadillo, free

Arrowhead, free

Baying Coyotes, free

Bear Tracks Bonus Pattern, pay,

Bucking Horse, pay

Bucking (rearing) Horse, pay

Buffalo, pay

Buffalo, pay

Cactus Allover, free

Camper, pay

Campfire, pay

Camp Fire Symbol, pay

Camping, pay

Camp Fire Cookin', pay

Canoeing, pay

Canteen, pay

Center Panel Blanket, free

Chile Ristra, pay

Covered Bridge, pay

Covered Wagon, pay

Cowboy, free

Cowboy Boot, free

Cowboy Boot, pay

Cowboy Hat, free

Cowboy Hat, free

Cowboy Hat, pay

Cowboy Up, pay

Cowgirl Up, pay

Coyote, free

Deer, Reindeer, pay

Deer Tracks, pay

Don’t Mess With Texas, free

Dream Catcher, pay

Flickering Flames, free

Garter Texas, free

Gecko, pay

Geckos, pay

Going Camping, pay

Guitar, pay

Hammock, pay

Hiking, pay

Hoofprints, pay

Horse, pay

Horse Head, pay

Horseshoe, pay

Kokopelli, pay

Lantern, pay

Lantern, pay

Little Cowboy and Cowgirl, pay

Log Cabin, pay

Lone Star State, free

Longhorn (Cow Skull), pay

Marshmallow On A Stick, pay

My Chili Pepper, free

Native American Woman, pay

Navajo Blanket, 2 patterns, free

Outlaw, pay

Owl On A Branch, pay

Picnic Table, pay

Raccoon, pay

Rattlesnake, pay

Roasting Marshmallows, pay

Saddle Up Pig, pay

Saguaro Cactus, pay

Sombrero, pay

Southwest, free

Summer Sun, free

Taco, pay

Teepee, pay

Tent, pay

Texas Longhorn, free

Texas Map, Flag, free

Texas Sun, free

Tomahawk, pay

Turkey Tracks, pay

Warm Fire, pay

Wolf or Dog Head, free

Yippee Yahoo Yee Ha, pay