Friday, August 15, 2008

Animals and Animal Related Patterns, A-M

100% Newfie, pay

A Friend From Up North, pay

Afghan Hound, pay

Alligator, pay

Alpaca, pay

Always…Flamingo, free

Amish Horse and Buggy, pay

Another Dragon, pay

Ant Carrying a Picnic Basket, pay

Antelope, pay

Apple, free

Apple 2, free

Apple Surprise, scroll down and link is on right, free

Armadillo, free

Australian Emu, pay

Baby Birds, pay

Barn, pay

Bat, free

Bat, Upside Down Bat, pay

Bats, pay

Batty, free

Batty, free

Baying Coyotes, free

Bear, This Bear’s Repeating, free

Bear Cub, pay

Bear Tracks, pay

Bee, free

Bee, Bumble Bee, pay

Bee, diagonal, free

Bee Hive, pay

Betsy the Bass

Bird Cage, pay

Bird House, pay

Birdbath, pay

Birdhouse, Home, Tweet Home, pay

Black Cat, free

Black Cat, pay

Bobbles the Sheep, free

Boxer, pay

Bubbles, free

Bubbles With Fins, free

Bucking Horse, pay

Bucking (rearing) Horse, pay

Buddy the Parrot, pay

Buffalo, pay

Buffalo, pay

Bug Face/Alien, pay

Bumble Bee, pay

Bunny, free

Bunny, free

Bunny, diagonal, free

Bunny In A Heart, pay

Bunny Rabbit, pay

Butterflies, pay

Butterfly, free

Butterfly, free

Butterfly, Nine Butterflies, free

Butterfly, pay

Butterfly And Flowers, pay

Butterfly Pig, pay

Butterfly Stitch, free

Camel, One Hump Or Two?, pay

Cardinal, pay

Cat, pay

Cat, pay

Cat, Black Cat, pay

Cat, Country Cat, pay

Country Cat, pay

Cat, Fat Cat, free

Cat, Waiting For Haley, pay

Cat with Paw Print, pay

Caterpillar, free

Caterpillar Dreams, pay

Chameleon, Chris the Chameleon, pay

Chantecler the Rooster, pay

Chick, Little Chick, pay

Chick, pay

Chick, Marshmallow Chick, Sweet!, free

Chicken, pay

Chien, Dog, click on E by pattern name, site is hard to get into, keep trying, free

Chihuahua, pay

Chris the Chameleon, pay

Cocker Spaniel, Personalized, pay

Cow, pay

Cow, pay

Cow, Hay, Baby, free

Coyote, free

Crab, pay

Cutie Pig, pay

Dachsund, pay

Deer, Reindeer, pay

Deer In Winter, pay

Deer Tracks, pay

Democrat Donkey, pay

Diagonal Owl, free

Dinosaur, pay

Dog, 100% Newfie, pay

Dog, Chihuahua, pay

Dog, German Shepherd, pay

Dog, Love Puppy, pay

Dog, Newfie, pay

Dog, Shelti, pay

Dog Paw, Get A Clue, free

Dog with Paw Print, pay

Doggy, pay

Doghouse, pay

Dolly the Dolphin, Landlubber, free

Dolly the Dolphin, Sea, free

Dolphin Riding the Wave, pay

Dougie the Doggie, free

Dove, Bible Series, Psalms, pay

Dove of Peace, pay

Down Came A Spider, pay

Dragon, pay

Dragon, pay

Dragon, Another Dragon, pay

Dragon head, pay

Dragon Head, pay

Dragon, Winged Dragon, pay

Dragonfly, free (click for PDF)

Dragonfly, free

Dragonfly 2, free

Dragonfly, pay

Dragonfly and His Dinner, free

Duck, free

Duck, Puddles the Duck, free

Duck, Quacking Up, free

Ducky, pay

Eagle, pay

Earth Pig, pay

Egret, pay

Eleanor the Elephant, free

Elephant, pay

Embossed Turtle, free

Eyelet Snakes, free

Fat Cat, free

Ferret, pay

Fire Hydrant, pay

Fish, Bubbles, free

Fish, Bubbles With Fins, free

Fish Luvr, pay

Fish Tank, pay

Fishy Bubbles, pay

Flower Power Pig, pay

Flying Seagull, pay

Flying South, pay

Frog, free

Froggy, pay

Gary the Gobbler, free

Gecko, pay

Geckos, pay

German Shepherd, pay

Get A Clue, free

Giddy-up, free

Giraffe, free

Gobble, free

Golden Retriever, pay

Gone Fishin', pay

Goose, pay

Greyhound, pay

Griffon, pay

Grin and Bear It, free

Grrr, free

Guide Dog, free

Guide Dog 1, free

Happy Hunny Bear, free

Happy Penguin, pay

Hay, Baby, free

Heart Pig, pay

Hedwig Illusion (PDF), free

Here, Kitty, Kitty! Bring Me the Yarn, free

Home, Tweet Home, pay

Hoofprints, pay

Horse, Bucking Horse, pay

Horse, Bucking (rearing) Horse, pay

Horse, Hoofprints, pay

Horse, pay

Horse, Bucking Horse, pay

Horse, Walking Horse, pay

Horse Head, pay

Horseshoe, pay

Hummingbird, pay

Husky or Wolf, pay

I Heart Cats, pay

I Heart Dogs, pay

Illusion bunny, free

Imp, free

Just Say No Pig, pay

Kangaroo, pay

Kate the Kitty, free

Killian's T-Riffic, scroll down and link is on right, free

Kitten, pay

Kitty, free

Kitty, free

Koala Bear, pay

Labrador Retriever, pay

Ladybird, pay

Ladybug, pay

Ladybug Daze, pay

Lamb, free, scroll down

Lamb, pay

Lamb, Lion Fell In Love With A Lamb set, pay

Lil Chick, pay

Lion Face, pay

Lion Fell In Love With A Lamb set, pay

Little Chick, free

Little Chick, pay

Lizard, Geckos, pay

Lobster, free
Lobster, pay

Longhorn (Cow Skull), pay

Loopy the Apaloosa, free

Lots Of Spiders, pay

Louie the Lobstah, free

Love Puppy, pay

Lovebirds, pay

Lucky pig, pay

Mabel the Mock Cable Cow, free

Mallard Duck, pay

Manatee, pay

Meerkat, pay

Melissa’s Christmas Reindeer, free

Melissa’s Garden Swan, free

Melissa’s Waving Frog, free

Monkey, pay

Monkey, Imp, free

“Moose”take, free

Mouse, pay

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