Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Around The house

9 patch quilt square, free

A Round Tuit, pay

Abbey's Little Quilt, pay

Ant Carrying a Picnic Basket, pay

Baked With Love, free

Banana, pay

Bath, pay

Bath Time, pay

Becca's Quilt, pay

Birdbath, pay

Bistro (think outdoor furniture), pay

Blender, pay

Bless Our Home, pay

Brick Patio, free

Butter Dish, pay

By the Fire, pay

Cafe, pay

Camcorder, pay

Cameo, pay

Camera, pay

Candle, Christmas Candle, free

Candle, Holiday Candle, pay

Canister, pay

Cell Phone, pay

Cha-Ching, pay

Chess Pieces, pay

Cleaning Day, pay

Computer, pay

Cook, pay

Cookie Jar, pay

Cookie Jar, pay

Couch Potato, pay

Country Hearts, pay

Crossword Puzzle, pay

Days Of The Week, pay

Dear Diary, pay

Deck Chair, pay

Dinner Time, pay

Dirty Dishes Suck, pay

Doghouse, free

Dust Bunny Zone, pay

Eye Glasses, pay

Fish Tank, pay

Flashlight, pay

Flock Of Geese Quilt, pay

Four Corners Flower Quilt, pay

Garden Gnome, pay

Garden Lover, pay

Globe, pay

Gnome, Garden Gnome, pay

Gravy Boat, pay

Grillin', pay

Hammer, pay

Hammock, pay

Headphones, pay

Heart Quilt, pay

Home Is Where The Heart Is, pay

Hot Cocoa Mug, pay

Hourglass, pay

Housework Sucks, pay

I Don't Do Dishes, free (scroll down)

I "Heart" Books, pay

I Heart Nails, pay

Jigsaw, free

Jigsaw Puzzle, pay

Kiss the Cook, pay

Knit Now, Dishes later, pay

Lamp, pay

Lawnmower, pay

Leaky Faucet, pay

Let's Bake, pay

Letter/Envelope, free

Light Bulb, pay

Lipstick and Case, pay

Log Cabin Quilt Block, pay

Mailbox, pay

Mailbox, pay

Melissa's Garden Wheelbarrow, free

Microphone, pay

Microwave, pay

Mixer, pay

Mixing Bowl and Spoon, pay

Muffins, pay

Music Pod, pay

My Bathtub and Favorite Candle, free

My Grandma’s Change Purse, pay

Needle and Thread, pay

Nine Patch Quilt Block, pay

Ohio Snowflake Quilt, pay

Old Fashioned Spinning Wheel, pay

Old Fashioned Teapot, pay

Out Of The Garden, pay

Paint Can and Brush, pay

Paintbrush, pay

Patchwork, free

Patchwork Quilt, pay

Pencil, free

Phonograph, pay

Picket Fence, pay

Picnic Table, pay

Picnic Time 2, Burger, Grill, Hot Dog, pay

Piggy Bank, pay

Pincushion, Sewing Pincushion, pay

Pitcher, pay

Potted Plant, pay

Pottery/Vase, pay

Quill And Ink, pay

Quilt, 9 patch quilt square, free

Quilt, Wedding Ring Quilt, pay

Quilt, pay

Quilt 2, pay

Quilted Diamonds, pay

Quilted With Love, pay

Record Player, pay

Relax In A Tub, pay

Robe and Slippers, pay

Rocking Chair, pay

Rocking Horse, pay

Rocking Horse, pay

Rotary Telephone, pay

Rubber Stamp, pay

Salt and Pepper Shakers, pay

Salt and Pepper, pay

Sauce Pan/Pot, pay

Saw, pay

Sewing Machine, free

Sewing Machine, pay

Sewing Pincushion, pay

Snowflake Quilt, pay

Snowman In A Snowglobe, pay

Spice Rack, pay

Spinning Wheel, Old Fashioned Spinning Wheel, pay

Stand Mixer, pay

Stinky Feet, pay

Stove, pay

Sugar and Creamer, pay

Suitcase, pay

Table Service, pay

Tea Time, pay

Tea Kettle, pay

Teapot, pay

The Throne, pay

Toaster, pay

Tree House, pay

Tree In A Snowglobe, pay

Tree Swing, pay

Tricycle, pay

Vanity, pay

Victorian Lady, pay

Warm Fire, pay

Washer and Dryer, pay

Watering Can, pay

Wedding Ring Quilt, pay

Weekly Chores, Sunday, pay

Weekly Chores, Monday, pay

Weekly Chores, Tuesday, pay

Weekly Chores, Wednesday, pay

Weekly Chores, Thursday, pay

Weekly Chores, Friday, pay

Weekly Chores, Saturday, pay

Well, pay


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to point out that the very top link should be:
Notice "php" is on the end, not "htm"
Thanks for a great source of patterns.

Susan Mrenna said...

Aack! Waht is the name of the pattern? Can't find it! Aack! Will fix :)