Saturday, July 5, 2008

Clothing and Accessories

Aloha Shirt, pay

Baby Booties, pay

Baby T-Shirt, pay

Ballerina Collection, Ballet Shoes, pay

Ballet Slippers, pay

Baseball Cap, pay

Cameo, pay

Change Purse, pay

Chef's Hat, pay

Corset, pay

Cowboy Boot, free

Cowboy Boot, pay

Cowboy Hat, free

Cowboy Hat, free

Cowboy Hat, pay

Crown, pay

Diva Heels, pay

Dress, pay

Dress, Wedding Dress On A Hangar, pay

Elf Bootie, pay

Flip Flops, pay

Gardener’s Apron, pay

Graduation Cap, pay

Graduation Cap, pay

Handbag, pay

Hat of Red, pay

High Heel Shoe, pay

Ice Skates, pay

Mittens, pay

Modesty, pay

My Grandma’s Change Purse, pay

Nurse’s Hat, pay

One Piece Swim Suit, pay

Open Hospital Gown, pay

Party Hat, pay

Party Hat, pay

Patriotic Hat, pay

Pilgrim Hat, pay

Plain T-Shirt with option for up to 3 numbers, pay

Police Cap, pay

Police Man's Cap, free

Princess Crown, free

Princess Shoe, pay

Pump, pay

Robe and Slippers, pay

Santa Hat, pay

Scuba Mask, pay

Sneaker, pay

Sombrero, pay

Stocking, free

Strappy Shoe, pay

Sweatshirt, pay

The Purse, free

Wedding Dress On A Hangar, pay

Witches Hat, free also see errata for this pattern

Witch’s Hat and Broom, pay

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