Monday, June 30, 2008

Diagonal and Shapes

Note: GF means a Grandmother's Favorite Style Cloth

3 Squared Multi-size, free

3 Squared Multi-size 2, free

A & M, free

Another Favorite GF, pay

Another Grandmother’s Favorite, free

Basic, GF, free

Basic, GF, free

Bathroom Knit Washcloth, GF, free

Bee, free


Bunny, diagonal, free

Charity Square, GF, (PDF), free

Cotton Chenille Wash Cloth, GF, free

Diagonal Bobbley-Flower, free
Diagonal Chinese Waves, free

Diagonal Fluffy Brioche Stitch Cloth, free

Diagonal Garter Stripes, free

Diagonal Ripple, free

Diagonal Square, free

Diagonal square, free

Different, free

Eyelet, free

Eyelet Border, free

Eyeletless, free

Grandma Black's, GF, free

Grandmother's Favorite, GF, The Original, free

Grandmother's Favorite, GF, free

Grandmother's Favorite, GF, free

Grandmother's Favorite With Heart, free

Granny Square, free

Hills and Valleys, free

I Love U, free

Idiot's, GF, free

Itty Bitty Diagonals, pay

Love Abounds, free

Molly, free

Multi-directional Diagonal, free

My First, GF, free

Old Favorite, GF,free

Penguin, diagonal, free

Picot-edged Grandmother’s Favorite, free

Ridge, free

Simple, free

Snowman, free

Squirrel, diagonal, free

Striped, GF, free

Texas Tech, free

Traditional Variation, free

Tried and True, GF, free


A Nice little Washcloth, free

Apple, free

Argosy, free

Baby Heart, free

Baby Star, free

Baseball, free

Blossom, pay

Bubbles, free

Bubbles With Fins, free

Butterfly, free

Christmas Tree, free

Cupcake, free

Dawn Dress, free

Dishcloth Dress, free

Dishcloth Dungarees, free

Dress, free

Drop Stitch Equiangular Polygon Cloth, free

Easter Egg, pay

Eyelet Bordered Heart, free

Fan (PDF), free

Ghost, Morticia’s Dishcloth, free

Good Luck, free

Granny's Patchwork Pinwheel, free

Heart, free

Heart, free

Heart, free

Heart, Sweetheart, free

Heart Cloth, free

Heart Cloth, free

Heart Shaped, free

Holiday Tree, free
Inside Out Sock Yarn Square, free

Lace Star, free

Lacy Edge Heart Shaped, free

Lacy Star, free

Lamb, free, scroll down,

Leaf shaped, free

Morticia’s Dishcloth, free

Mr. Sunshine, free
NunuYaya, Star Shaped, free

Octagon, free

Optical Illusion, free

Pea Pod, pay

Petal, free

Pig, free
Point-settia, free

Provence Star, free

Right Angles, free

Santa's Britches, pay

Seaside Set, pay

Shamrock, pay

Snowflake Star, free

Snowman, free
Star, free

Star, pay

Starfish, free

Stars (scrubbie size), free

Stars forever, free,

Sunflower Season, may need to scroll down to August 6, 2008 entry, free

Sweet Home, pay

Sweetheart, free

The Love cloth, free

Tina's Knit Dishcloth Angel, free

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