Monday, May 5, 2008

Little Extras - Bibs, Labels, Towels, Scrubbies, Potholders, etc.


Baby Love Bib, free

Basketweave Bib, free

Boo Baby Bib, free

Cupcake, free

Dinosaur, free

Flutterby Bib, free

Gobble, free

Hay, Baby, free

Heartbeat, free

Imp, free

Let It Snow, Baby, free

Marty's Mouse, free

Penguin, free

Petit Fleurs Bib, free

Puddles the Duck, free

Quacking Up, free

Rhonda’s Delight, free

Simple Garter Stitch, free

Teddy Bear, free

This Bear’s Repeating, free

-Labels and Tags-

Altered Dishcloth Care Tag, Back (PDF), free

Altered Dishcloth Care Tag, Front (PDF), free

Angel Cloth Saying, free

Care Tags, free

Christmas Gift Tags From Harvest Moon, free

Dishcloth Labels, free

Harvest Moon Logo Labels, free

Whimsey Care Instruction Tag (PDF), free


Double Knit Pot handle Holder, free

Magic Stripe, free

Parellelogram, free

Potholder, free

Santa's Britches, pay

Striped, free

Thermal knit Potholder, free


Bubbles, free

Bubbles With Fins, free

Circular Scrubby, free

Different Things To different People, pay

Dish Scrubby, free

Dishcloth Duo, free

Fishy Tawashi, free

Frilly Tawashi, free

Leaf Sachet Scrubby, free

Love Knots, pay

Patches, pay

Pot Scrubber, free

Scrubbie, free

Scrubbie and Matching Cloth, free

Scrubbies, free

Scrubber, free

Scrubber, pay

Scrubbles, free

Shamrock Scrubbie, free

Stars (scrubbie size), free

Teeny Weeny, free

Thick and Thirsty, pay

Tribble, free
Tribble Tutorial,

Ugly, free


3 Diamond, free

Bucking (rearing) Horse, pay

Christmas Candle, free

Christmas Joy, free

Columns, free

Domestic, free

Dress and Pinafore Towel, uses store-bought towel, free

Edging to knit and sew onto purchased towels, free

Emerald’s Lace Bath Set, free

Eyelets on the diagonal, free

Feathers, free

Gridded Towel, free

Guest Towels, free

Handtowel, free

His and Hers Towel and Cloth Set, free

Just Hanging Around, pay

Kitchen Towel, free

Lacy Mock Cable, free

LDS, pay

Margaret's, free

Pumpkin Too, pay

Raindrops on Roses, pay

Reverse Diamond Towel, free

Rose, free

Santa, pay

Star Stitch, free

Tea Kettle, pay

Thick and Thirsty, pay

Towel, free

Towel and Cloth Set, free

Towel Topper, free

Towels, pay

Two Hearts As One, free


Angel, Make an Angel From A Dishcloth, free

Bag Minder, free

Circle of Love Mini Cloth, free

Dishcloth Mitts, free

Miniature Heart, free

Miniature Smiley, free

Miniature Wee Lace, free

Napkin Rings, free

Octopus Bath Mitt, free

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