Saturday, March 15, 2008

Pattern Cloths - Lace

1890 Diamond, free

1890's Pineapple Lace, free

A Cable and A Zig, free

A Little Country, pay

A Little Lace, free

A Nice Ending To A Perfect Day, pay

A Twist In Time, pay

A Winter's Walk, pay

Abundance, pay

Ali Wai, free

Alison, pay

All Around Lace, free

Angel of Praise, pay

Another Little Lace Cloth, free

Arabesque, free

Argyle Lace, free

Argyle Lace, free

Argyle Twist, free

Arrow and Song Spa Cloth, free
Arrowhead Blanket Stripe, free

Audrey, pay

Aunt Bea's Garden, pay

Automne, Autumn, click on E by pattern name, site is hard to get into, keep trying, free

Autumn Breeze, pay

Autumn Chaos, pay

Baby Fern, free

Babylone, click on E by pattern name, site is hard to get into, keep trying, free

Baby's Breath, pay

Balsam, free

Bamboo, free

Bamboo Variation, free

Bamboo Variation 2, free

Beauty And The Beast, pay

Bee-Utiful, free

Bell Shaped Lace, free

Birds of A Feather, free

Blackberry, free

Blackberries, free

Block Party, free

Bluebell Rib, free

Brickwork Lace, free

Bridal Shower Lace, free

Brillance, pay

Brit, pay

Butterflies Are Free, free

Butterfly Lace, free

Butterfly Lace, free
Cairo, pay

Candy striper, free

Carol Of The Bells, pay

Cedars of Lebanon, pay

Center Lace and Cable, free

Center Panel Mermaid, free

Chara (Joy) Fruit of the Spirit Series, pay

Chelsie Spa Set, pay

Chevron, free

Chevron Lace, free

Chevron Petite Lace, free

Chinese Jade, free

Chloe, pay

Christmas Lace, free

Christmas Ornaments, free

Citizen Kane, free

Clark Gable Cat's Cradle, free

Close To My Heart, pay

Cockleshells In A Row, free

Collonade, free

Collande, free

Column Lace, free

Columns, free

Confetti Rib, 2 patterns, free

Cool Waters, pay

Create A Pattern, free

Criss Cross, free

Crossing The River, pay

Crown Of Glory, pay

Daffodils By the Roadside, pay

Damier troué, Lacy Checks, click on E by pattern name, site is hard to get into, keep trying, free

Dancing Canes II, pay

Delightful Diamonds, pay

Diagonal Lace, free

Diamond Drop Lace, free

Diamond Extravaganza, free

Diamond Extrordinaire, free

Diamond Jubilee, free

Diamond Relief, free

Diamond Rib, free

Diamond Texture Eyelet, free

Diamond Within Diamonds, free

Diamonds and Lace, pay

Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend, free

Diamonds Are For Everyone, 2 patterns, free

Diamond's On Lace, free

Diamonds Within Diamonds 2, free

Diamonte, free

Dishcloth 67, free

Dishcloth of Summer, free

Doily Style, free

Doily Style, free

Dorcus, pay

Double Diamond, free

Down By The Riverside, pay

Dreams Do Come True, pay

Easter Egg moss and Eyelet, free

Eco Cloth Set, pay

Elfin Lace, free

Ellie, pay

Elvish Leaves, free

Embossed Twining Vine Leaf, free

Emerald’s Lace Bath Set, free

Entrateia (Self Control) Fruit of the Spirit Series, pay

Entwined Lace, free

‘Esher, pay

Eve, pay

Eyelet Border, free

Eyelet Lace, free

Eyelet Mock Cable Rib, free

Eyelet Rib, free

Eyelet Snakes, free

Eyelet Stripe, free

Eyelet Stripe, free

Eyelet V's, free

Eyelets and Ridges, free

Eyelets and Ripples, free

Eyelet Stripe Ensemble, free

Faded Memories, pay

Falling Leaves, free

Fan Faire, free

Fantazia, free

Farmington Hills Lace, free

Feather and Fan, free

Feather and Fan, free

Feather and Fan, free

Feather and Fan, Fern Lace, Snowflake Lace (PDF), free

Feather Frills, free

Feather Lace, free

Feather Openwork, free

Feathers of Hope Spa Cloth, free
Fern Diagonal, free

Fern Fossil Diamond, free

Fern Gully, free

Fern Shetland Lace 2, free

Fir Cone A Shetland Version, free

Fir Cones, free

Flickering Flames, free

Flickering Flames, free

Flower Box, free

Flower Buds, free

Flower Vine, free

Flurries, free

For Bonnie, pay

Forest Floor, pay

Garter and Eyelet, free
Garter Drop Stitch, free

Garter Lace, free

Garter Stitch and Lace, free

Garter Stitch Eyelet, free

Garter Stitch Eyelet, free

Garter Stitch Lace, free

Garter Stitch Lace, free

Gathering Round the Christmas Tree, pay

Generic, free

Geometry, free

Gift of Time, free

Giza Stripes, free

Glass Half Full, free

Grandmother's Lace, free

Hagneia, pay

Happy Hour Blocks, free

Heavenly, pay

Helping Hands, pay

Herringbone Lace Rib, free

Hills and Dales, free

Hold Me Tight, pay

Holland Fields Tulip Tops, free

Holly Design, free

Holly Mesh, free

Horseshoe Pattern, free

Hourglass Eyelet, free

Hudson Bay Ripples, pay

Hyacinth Lace, free

In the Garden Tulip Bed Eyelet, free

Inside Out, pay

Italian Chain Ribbing, free

It's A Lace, It's A Stripe, free

Itty-Bitty Lace Cloth Set, pay

Itty Bitty Shells, pay

Jamie, pay

Japanese Feather, free

Jenny, pay

Kahawai, free

Kahawai ko, free

Kahili Bearer, free

Kai 'ale'ale -Ocean Ripple, free

Kaiulani Filigree, free

Katy, free

Keʻa, peʻa Lace, free

Knit Dish Cloth, free

Koolau, pay

Lace and Cable, free

Lace And Diamonds, pay

Lace Checks, free

Lace Columns, free

Lace Garter Stitch, free

Lace Herringbone Rib, free

Lace Ladder Set, free

Lace Makes Haste, pay

Lace On Lace, see revision free

Lace Rib, free

Lace Rib, free

Lace Rib Bath Set, free

Lace Ribbons, free

Lace Tapestry, free

Lace Zig Zag, free

Lacey Squares, free

Lacy, free

Lacy, free

Lacy, free

Lacy Blanket Square, free

Lacy Butterfly, free

Lacy Diamonds, free

Lacy Entrelacs, free

Lacy Lady, free

Lacy Leaf, free

Lacy Mock Cable, free

Lacy Rib, free

Lacy Waves, free

Lacy Zig Zag, free

Lattice Twist Eyelet, free

Lauaʻe, lauaʻe haole, free

Lavender Dreams, pay

Lavette, free

Leaf Allover, free

Leaf Cable Row, free

Leaf Trellis, free

Leahshells, free

Lean to the Left, free

Lean to the Right, free

Lilac Ridge, pay

Lilacs On the Veranda, free

Lily, free

Lindsey, pay

Little Arrowheads, free

Little Lace Kitchen Cloth, free

Little Shells, free

Looking Forward, pay

Mad For Eyelets, free

Madeira Diamonds, free

Maile Lei, free

Makana Aloha, free

Mandarin Lemon, free

Mary, Go Round, pay

Matinee, free

Mermaid, 2 patterns, free

Mermaid Shell, free

Mermaid Splashes, free

Mermaid Stripe, free

Midnight Lace, pay

Mint Leaves, pay

Moanaloa Gardens, pay

Molly, diagonal, free

Moss Ivy, see correction free

Mountain Feather, free

Mountains and Rivers Eyelet, free

Movement, free

Mrs. Claus', pay

Muguets, Lily, click on E by pattern name, site is hard to get into, keep trying, free

My Favorite Dishcloth, pay

Nalu Ha'i, free

Nids, Nests, click on E by pattern name, site is hard to get into, keep trying, free

No‘am, pay

Ombre Lace, free

Ombre Lace Variation, free

Open Star, free

Open Star, free

Opening Hour, free

Ostrich Plume, free

Over The River, pay

Palms Over Waikiki, pay

Panini, free

Paniola Lace, free

Parellelograms, left-slanting, free

Parellelograms, right-slanting, free

Pas de Deux, free

Peacock Feathers, free

Pear Tree, free

Pearl-Barred Scallop, free

Pearls and Diamonds, pay

Peppermint Twist, pay

Perforated Rib, free

Periwinkle, free

Perles, Pearls, click on E by pattern name, site is hard to get into, keep trying, free

Pi, pay,

Pi Openwork, free

Pikake Allover, free

Pikake Lei, free

Pillars, free

Pink Clouds, pay

Pizza Party, free

Powder Puff, free

Princess Pikake Plumes, free

Promises N Color, free

Puget Sound Raindrops, pay

Pu‘u Maka‘ala hapu'u Lace, free

Puka Coral, free

Punahele Shell, free

Pupu `okole `oi`oi Lace,

Quick! Quick! Quick!, pay

Quilt Diamond, free

Raindrops, free

Reaching For The Sun, pay

Redemption, pay

Reiko's Lotus Scallop Edge, free

Reiko's Japanese Spider Lace, 2 patterns, free

Ring The Bells Of Heaven, pay

Ripples, pay

River Rapid, free

Ropes and Ladders, free

Roses For Mary, pay

Sailing Away, pay

Scallop Plaid, free

Scallops, free

Scuba Time, pay

Sedona Blanket Embossed Diamonds, free

Sedona Blanket Lace Weave, free

Sedona Texture Diamonds, free

September Bouquet, pay

Sharon's Eyelet, free

Sharon's Eyelet, free

Shawn, pay

Shells On the Shore, free

Shepherds' Staff, pay

Shetland Based Diamond Stripe, free

Shetland Cones, free

Shetland Fern, free

Shetland Floral Diamond, free

Shetland Little Leaf, free

Shining Lights, free

Simple and Elegant Spa Cloths (set of 3), pay

Simple Eyelets, free

Sky Dreams, pay

Slip 'n' Slide, 2 patterns, free

Smock In the Shell, free

Snowdrop, free

Snowdrop Lace, free

Snow White, pay

Sophie, pay

Spanish Mesh I and II, free

Sphragizo, pay

Splish Splash Mermaid, free

Spring Arbor, free

Spring Berries, pay

Spring Buds, free

Spring Buds, free

Spring Comes Early, pay

Spring Leaf One Way, free

Square 3, free

Square 4, free

Square 7, free

Square 8, free

Squares, free

Staggered Fern, free

Starry Skies, free

Stars, pay

Stitch Pattern, free

Striped Lace, free

Stripes, pay

Summer On The Lake, pay

Summer Showers, free

Summertime Spa, free

Sunshine In The Valleys, pay

Swing Shift, free

Tablecloth Lace, free

Temecula Vineyards, free

Texture, free

Texture Drop Lace, free

Textured Argyle, free

The Cat's Meow, free

The Mermaid Surfaces, free

This A Way, That A Way, pay

Topsy Turvy, pay

Touch of Lace, free

Tradewinds, free

Trellis Lace, free

Trellis Lace, free

Triangles, free

Trinity, pay

Tulip Bud, free

Tulip Lace, free

Tulip Rows, free

Turkey Stuffing, free

Turkish Towel, free

Tuscan Tile, free

Tuscany Tile Roof, free

Twigg Smith, free

Twisted Garland, pay

Ultimate Easter Stripe, free

Under his Wings, pay

Untied Ribbons, free

Up The Waterspout, pay

Van Dyke Lace Panel, free

Victorian Labyrinth, pay

Victorian Lace Stripes, 2 patterns, free

Village Square (PDF), free
Violet Waves, pay

Voila!, pay

Waiamea Raindrops, pay

Waffle Texture, free

Wailele & Maile Version I and II, free

Walking On Water, pay

Wandering In The Wilderness, pay

Waves of lace, pay

Winter Wedding, pay
Wishbone Lace, free

Zera, pay

Zig Zag, free

Zig Zag, free
Zig Zag Lace, free

Zig Zag Lace, free

Zig Zag Lace, free

Zipporah, pay

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