Sunday, March 30, 2008

Pattern Cloths A-M

2 Color, free

2 Color, free

3 Diamond, free

3x3 Ribbed, free

5 Color Texture Patterned Square, free

59 Chevy Blue Chevron, free

A Christmas Eve Snow, pay

A Couple of Softies, pay

A Zig and A Zag, pay

Abbey's Little Quilt, pay

Alex's Cloth, free

All In A Row, pay

All Things old Are New Again, pay

All Tied Up In Stitches, pay

Alligator Row, pay

Alpha Stripes (PDF), free

Alpha-Stripe, free

Amazing Plaid, free

Amish Windows, free

Angel Wing Feathers, pay

Ann and Kay (PDF), free

Annie's Kitchen, pay

Another Way of Doing Things, pay

Apple Basket, pay

Apple Leaves, free

Argosy Plain Jane, free

Argyle, pay

Ariel, pay

Autumn Sunrise, pay

Baby, Oh Baby!, pay

Ballband, free

Ballband, free

Bamboo, pay

Bamboozled, free

Bara, pay

Bars and Seeds, free

Basket Rib, free

Basket Weave, free

Basketweave, free

Basketweave, free

Basketweave, free

Bath Set, free

Bauhaus, free

Beachcomber, free

Bee Stitch, free

Bee Stitch Border, free

Behind the Fence, pay

Belva's Sea Waves, free

Berry Basket, free

Berry Stitch, free

Bi-color Halflinen, free

Bible Series, Psalms, pay

Bi-Colored Tweed, pay

Bitty bows, pay

Bliss, pay

Blissful Moss Rib, free

Block Pattern, free

Blue and White, free

Blueberry, pay

Bobble, free

Bobble, free

Bobbles and Brambles, free

Bobble Mania, free

Box Stitch, free

Bridges, pay

Broken Diagonal Rib, free

Bubble Wrap, free

Bubble Wrap, pay

Building Blocks, pay

Bunny, pay

Buttercup 1, free

Buttercup 2, free

Butterfly Kisses, pay

Butterfly Stitch, free

Butterfly Wings, pay

Box Stitch, free

Buttons and Bows, pay

Calm Waters, pay

Can It Get Any Easier?, free

Candy Corn, pay

Candy Striper, free

Cappucino, pay

Carlsbad Flower Fields, free

Cecilia, pay

Center Panel Blanket, free

Center Squares, free

Cerfs-volants, Kites, click on E by pattern name, site is hard to get into, keep trying, free

Chandelles, Candles, click on E by pattern name, site is hard to get into, keep trying, free

Charity, pay

Checked Slip Stitch, free

Checkerboard, free

Checkerboard, free
Checkered, free

Checkered, free

Checkered Moss, free

Checkers, free

Cherry Blue, free

Chevron, free

Chevron, free

Chinese Waves, free

Chinese Waves, free

Chinese Waves, free

Christmas Cloth, free

Christmas Dishcloth Set, pay

Chubby Checkers, free

Cinderella, pay

Circle Cloth, free

Circular Square, free

Cloth For Chantal, free

Close Checks, free

Clouds, pay

Cockle Shells, pay

Collonade, free

Colorwave, free

Column Stitch, free

Columns of Greece, free

Columns Of Greece, Chart Only, free

Come With Me, pay

Completion, pay

Cottage Squares (PDF), free

Crazy Squares, pay

Crisp and Clean, pay

Crocus Before The Blooming, pay

Crossed Lattice, free

Cuddle Me, free

Cumulus, free

Da Kine, pay

Daisy Chains, pay

Daktari, free

Damn Yankees, free

Dancing Stripes, free

Delightful, free

Designer Dishcloths, Three Patterns, free

Diagonal Checks, free

Diagonal Crossed Stitch, pay

Diagonal Moss Stripe, pay

Diagonal Rib, free

Diamoholic, pay

Diamond, free

Diamond Moss, free

Diamond Seed, free

Diamond Texture, free

Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend, pay

Diamonds Galore, free

Diamonds Within Diamonds, free

Different Things To different People, pay

Dimpled, free

Dimpled, free

Dish Cloth, free

Dish Cloth, free

Dish Cloth, free

Dish Cloth, free

Dishcloth In Blocks, free

Don't Fence Me In, pay

Double Arrows, free

Double Basketweave, free

Double Brioche, free

Double Fleck Stitch, free

Dunamis, pay

Dunes de sable, Sand Waves, click on E by pattern name, site is hard to get into, keep trying, free

Duo Sided Spa, free

DW, free

Early Frost, pay

Easy As Applie Pie, pay

Easy knit, free

Echoes, pay

Eden, pay

Eighteen Hours, free

Enchanted Garden, pay

End Of The Rainbow, free

Enduring Peace, pay

Entra-Fake, free

Escaliers, Stairs, click on E by pattern name, site is hard to get into, keep trying, free

Eusemos, pay

Everlasting Hope, pay

Fast To Knit, free

Feel Sooo Good, free

Felted Dish Rag, free

Field of Dreams, pay

Fiesta, free

Fiesta, click on E by pattern name, site is hard to get into, keep trying, free

Finding Your Way, pay

Fisherman Rib (PDF), free

Fleck, free

Flecked, free

Flower Buds, pay

Flower Fields, free

Flowered Gingham, pay

Flying Geese, free

Flying Geese, free

Flying Geese, free

Flying Star, free

Football Mums, pay

Footstool, free

For Sarah, pay

Francie, pay

Friendship Chain, free

From Far Away, pay

From The 40's Spa Set, pay

Frost On The Windowpane, pay

Garter Slip Stitch, free

Garter Stitch Steps, free

Gates of Heaven, pay

Gentleness, pay

Gingham Stitch, free

Gloria, pay

Grace, pay

Grandma's Curtains, pay

Grand-papa, click on E by pattern name, site is hard to get into, keep trying, free

Green Loopy, free

Grid (PDF), free

Gulls Over Makapuu, pay

Happy Time, pay

Harlequin, free

Heavenly Trio, pay

Hemp, free

Hesitation, pay

Hills and Valleys, pay

Hip, pay

Hip 2B Square, free

His and Hers Towel and Cloth Set, free

Hobnail, free

House of Grands, free

Holly Berries, pay

Honeycomb, free

Hope, pay

Horizontal Dash, free

I'm A Little Dishcloth, pay

In Thirds, free

Ingrid's, free

Inside A Pastel Rainbow, pay

Itty Bitty, pay

Itty Bitty Baby,

Itty Bitty Christmas Set, pay

Itty Bitty Country Cloth Set, pay

Itty Bitty Prayer Cloth Set, pay

Jacob's Ladder, pay

Johnny Appleseed, free

Jonathan Livingston Seagull, free

Joy, pay

Judy, pay

Kate's, free

Kathy, pay

KBB, free

Keep Holding On, pay

Kerrie-anne's Morse Code, free

Kerrie-anne's Morse Code Pic

Kerrie-anne's Two Tone Bobble Stitch, free

Kerrie-anne's Two Tone Bobble Stitch Pic

King Charles Brocade, free

King Charles Brocade, free

King Charles Brocade, free

Kitchen Bubbles, pay

Kitchen Cotton, free

Knitted Granny Squares, pay

Knitted Granny Squares 2, pay

Knot More, free

Kornflake's Diagonal Pearls, free

Kristine, pay

Kudzu, free

Kuick Katrina Kotton Kloth, free

Land and Sea, pay

Last Minute, pay

Last Night's, free

Latte, pay

Lattice, free

Lauren, pay

Lavender Girl, pay

Learn To Purl, free

Lemonade Ridge, pay

Less Complicated, pay

Lifelines, pay

Light & Airy, Sturdy & Strong, pay

Lime Sherbet, pay

Limeade, pay

Limeade, free

Linoleum, free

Little Boxes, free

Little Tent, free
Lizard Lattice, free

Lois, pay

Loopy Loop, free

Losanges, Diamonds, click on E by pattern name, site is hard to get into, keep trying, free

Lovable Baskets, free

Love Nest, pay

Mad Dash, free

Magic Garter Twined, free

Maize Daisy, pay

Maizie, pay
Makin' Waves, pay

Marianne's Zig Zag, free

Match Stick, free

Mauve Pearls, pay

Mayflower, pay

Mini-Garterlac, free

Mirrored Triangles, free

Mistake Rib and Roman Stitch, free

Misty, pay

Mocha, pay

Mom's Broken Rib, free

Mom's Broken Rib, Take Two, free

Morse Code, free

Moss Diamonds, free

Mossy Green Triangles, free

Moulin, Mill, click on E by pattern name, site is hard to get into, keep trying, free

Mountain Ridge, free

Mountains Out of Molehills, free

My First, free

My First Knit, free

My Knitted Dishcloth Pattern, free

Mylie, pay

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