Monday, June 30, 2008

Diagonal and Shapes

Note: GF means a Grandmother's Favorite Style Cloth

3 Squared Multi-size, free

3 Squared Multi-size 2, free

A & M, free

Another Favorite GF, pay

Another Grandmother’s Favorite, free

Basic, GF, free

Basic, GF, free

Bathroom Knit Washcloth, GF, free

Bee, free


Bunny, diagonal, free

Charity Square, GF, (PDF), free

Cotton Chenille Wash Cloth, GF, free

Diagonal Bobbley-Flower, free
Diagonal Chinese Waves, free

Diagonal Fluffy Brioche Stitch Cloth, free

Diagonal Garter Stripes, free

Diagonal Ripple, free

Diagonal Square, free

Diagonal square, free

Different, free

Eyelet, free

Eyelet Border, free

Eyeletless, free

Grandma Black's, GF, free

Grandmother's Favorite, GF, The Original, free

Grandmother's Favorite, GF, free

Grandmother's Favorite, GF, free

Grandmother's Favorite With Heart, free

Granny Square, free

Hills and Valleys, free

I Love U, free

Idiot's, GF, free

Itty Bitty Diagonals, pay

Love Abounds, free

Molly, free

Multi-directional Diagonal, free

My First, GF, free

Old Favorite, GF,free

Penguin, diagonal, free

Picot-edged Grandmother’s Favorite, free

Ridge, free

Simple, free

Snowman, free

Squirrel, diagonal, free

Striped, GF, free

Texas Tech, free

Traditional Variation, free

Tried and True, GF, free


A Nice little Washcloth, free

Apple, free

Argosy, free

Baby Heart, free

Baby Star, free

Baseball, free

Blossom, pay

Bubbles, free

Bubbles With Fins, free

Butterfly, free

Christmas Tree, free

Cupcake, free

Dawn Dress, free

Dishcloth Dress, free

Dishcloth Dungarees, free

Dress, free

Drop Stitch Equiangular Polygon Cloth, free

Easter Egg, pay

Eyelet Bordered Heart, free

Fan (PDF), free

Ghost, Morticia’s Dishcloth, free

Good Luck, free

Granny's Patchwork Pinwheel, free

Heart, free

Heart, free

Heart, free

Heart, Sweetheart, free

Heart Cloth, free

Heart Cloth, free

Heart Shaped, free

Holiday Tree, free
Inside Out Sock Yarn Square, free

Lace Star, free

Lacy Edge Heart Shaped, free

Lacy Star, free

Lamb, free, scroll down,

Leaf shaped, free

Morticia’s Dishcloth, free

Mr. Sunshine, free
NunuYaya, Star Shaped, free

Octagon, free

Optical Illusion, free

Pea Pod, pay

Petal, free

Pig, free
Point-settia, free

Provence Star, free

Right Angles, free

Santa's Britches, pay

Seaside Set, pay

Shamrock, pay

Snowflake Star, free

Snowman, free
Star, free

Star, pay

Starfish, free

Stars (scrubbie size), free

Stars forever, free,

Sunflower Season, may need to scroll down to August 6, 2008 entry, free

Sweet Home, pay

Sweetheart, free

The Love cloth, free

Tina's Knit Dishcloth Angel, free

Friday, June 20, 2008

Family and Friends

#1 Bro, pay

#1 Dad, pay

#1 Dad, pay

#1 DH, pay

#1 Mom, pay

#1 Sis, pay

25th Anniversary, pay

30th Anniversary, pay

A Father's Heart, pay

Auntie Flo, pay

Birthday Cake, pay

Blog Bud, Click on Odds and Ends, pay

Blog Gal, Click on Odds and Ends, pay

Blog Guy, Click on Odds and Ends, pay

Bubba, pay

Buddy, pay

D'oh Dad, scroll down and link is on right, free

Dad, pay

Dad Trophy, pay

Drama Queen, pay

Faith, Family, Friends, pay

Family, free

Family, pay

Friend, pay

Friends, pay

Girlfriend, pay

Girls Just Want To Have Fun, pay

Goofy, pay

Graduation Cap, pay

Grandma, pay

Grandpa, pay

Great Grandma, pay

Hers, free

His, free

Home Is Where The Heart Is, pay

Hugs, pay

Hugs and Kisses, pay

I Heart Dad, pay

I Heart Mom, pay

I Love Dad, pay

I Love Mom, pay

I Love My Soldier, pay

I Love U Mom, pay

I Love U Sis, pay

I Love You, pay

I Love You Sister, pay

In the Arms of Love, pay

Lacy Smiley Face, free

Live, Laugh, Love, pay

Make A Wish Birthday Collection, Teen, pay

Make A Wish Birthday Collection, 16th, pay

Make A Wish Birthday Collection, 18th, pay

Make A Wish Birthday Collection, 21st, pay

Make A Wish Birthday Collection, 30th, pay

Make A Wish Birthday Collection, 40th, pay

Make A Wish Birthday Collection, 50th, pay

Make A Wish Birthday Collection, 60th, pay

Mama, pay

Mimi pay,

Mimmi, pay

Mom, pay

Mom, pay

Mom With Hearts, pay

Mommy, pay

Mom's Flower, pay

Mother, pay

Mother's Day Cloth, free

My Pal, pay

Nana, pay

Native American, pay

Not Your Average, pay

Oma, pay

Opa, pay

Optical illusion, pay

Pappy, pay

Pick A Posy For Mom, pay

Poppy, pay

Quilt, Wedding Ring Quilt, pay

Sissy, pay

Sister, pay

Tenth Anniversary, pay

Twentieth Anniversary, pay

Wedding Ring Quilt, pay

Winter Tree/Family Tree, pay

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Food and Drink

Ant Carrying a Picnic Basket, pay

Apple, free

Apple, free

Apple, free

Apple 2, free

Apple, pay

Apple, pay

Apple Core, pay

Apple On A Book, pay

Apple Pie, pay

Apple Surprise, free

Baby bib and Bottle, pay

Banana, pay

Basic Candy Cane, pay

Beer and Wine, pay

Birthday Cake, pay

Birthday Cake, pay

Blueberry Muffin, pay

Box of Candy, pay

Brandy, pay
Bunch of Grapes, free

Bushel of Apples, pay

Cabled Carrot, free
Cafe, pay

Candy Apple, pay

Candy Bar, pay

Candy Cane, pay

Candy Cane, pay

Candy Cane Illusion, free

Candy Corn, free

Candy Corn, pay

Carrot, pay

Cauliflower, pay

Cheeseburger In Paradise, pay

Cherry, One, free

Cherry, Two, free

Cherry, Three, free

Cherries, free

Cherries, free

Chile Ristra, pay

Chocaholic, pay

Choc-o-holic, pay

Chocolate Chip Cookie, pay

Christmas Kisses, pay

Coffee (Java), free

Cookie Jar, pay

Corn, pay

Cotton Candy, pay

Cup of Java, pay

Cupcake (shaped), free

Cupcake, free

Cupcake With Cherry On Top, free

Daquiri, free

Diet Later, pay

Double Cheeseburger, pay

Doughnut With Sprinkles, pay

Drink with A Twist, free

Fast Food, pay

Food Vendor Cart, pay

Gingerbread Love, pay

Gingerbread Man, free

Gingerbread Man, pay

Grapes, free

Grapes, pay

Happy Hour Bar Cloths, free

Hershey Kiss, free

Holiday Turkey, pay

Hot Chocolate, pay

Hot Cocoa Mug, pay

Hot Diggity Dog, free

Hot Dog, pay

Ice Cream Bar, pay

Ice Cream Cone, pay

Ice Cream Cone, pay

Ice Cream Cone, pay

Ice Cream Sundae, pay

Ice Cream Sundae, pay

Lemon, pay

Lemonade, pay

Let's Bake, pay

Lollipop, pay

M&M, free

M&M, free

Margarita, pay

Margarita Glass, pay

Marshmallow Chick, Sweet!, free

Martini Glass, free

Mixer, pay

Movie Night, pay

Muffins, pay

Mushroom, pay

My Chili Pepper, free

My Coffee Cup, free

No Pork, Just Say No Pig, pay

Old Fashioned Teapot, pay

Onion, not one really, but looks like one, free

Orange, pay

Peanut, pay

Pear, free

Pear, pay

Peas and Carrots Scrubber, free

Peppermint, free

Pepperoni Pizza, pay

Picnic Time, Ant, Sun, Watermelon, pay

Picnic Time 2, Burger, Grill, Hot Dog, pay

Pie Crust, free

Pineapple, free

Pineapple, pay

Pitcher, pay

Popsicle, pay

Pretzel, pay

Pumpkin, free

Pumpkin, pay

Pumpkin Pie A La Mode, pay

Roasting Marshmallows, pay

Salt and Pepper, pay

Short Row Peppermint, free

Soda Pop, pay

Soft Ice Cream Cone, pay

Sour Grapes, free

Strawberry, pay

Sweet!, Marshmallow Chick, free

Swiss Cheese, pay

Table Service, pay

Taco, pay

Tea/Coffee Cup, pay

Tea Kettle, pay

Teacup, free

Teapot, free

Teapot, free

Teapot, pay

Tiny Bubbles, pay

VB, free

Vegan, Vegetarian, Just Say No Pig, pay

Vino, free

Watermelon, pay

Watermelon Slice, free

Watermelon Slice, pay

Wedding Cake, pay

Who Would Like A Leg?, free

Wine, pay

Wine Basket, pay

Wine Bottle, free

Wine Glass, free

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Geographic, Geologic

Australia, free

British Flag, pay

British Isles, free

Canada, free

Canadian Flag, free

Canadian Flag, pay

Canadian Provinces, free

Continental US, free

Diamond Head, pay

England, free

France, free

Garter Texas, free

Globe, pay

Italy, pay

Lone Star State, free

Majestic Mountains, pay

Melissa’s Garden Maple Leaf, free

Mexico, pay

New Zealand, free

Paris, pay

States, all 50, free

Sydney, pay

Texas Map, Flag, free

USA, free

Utah Beehive, free

Volcano, pay

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Holidays - Christmas

12 Days of Christmas, patterns for 12 cloths, free

A Christmas Dishcloth Story, free

A Winter's Walk, pay

Advent Time, pay

Angel, Guardian Angel, free

Angel, free

Angel, free

Angel, free

Angel, Make an Angel From A Dishcloth, free

Angel, pay

Angel, pay

Angel of Love, pay

Angel Stocking, pay

Angel Wings, free

Angel Wings, pay

Away In A Manger, pay

Basic Candy Cane, pay

Believe, free

Believe, pay

Bell With Holly, pay

Bells, Wedding Bells, pay

Bringing Home A Tree, pay

Candelabra, pay

Candle, pay

Candle lit Tree, pay
Candy cane, free

Candy Cane, pay

Candy Cane, pay

Candy Cane, pay

Candy Cane Heart, pay

Candy Cane Wreath, pay

Candy Canes, pay

Christmas Bell, free

Christmas Bells, pay

Christmas Candle, free

Christmas Cardinal, pay

Christmas Caroler, pay

Christmas Collection, Cunning Cat, pay

Christmas Collection, Enthusiastic Elf, pay

Christmas Collection, Mischievous Mouse, pay

Christmas Collection, Sparkling Snowglobe, pay

Christmas Collection, Spirited Santa, pay

Christmas Collection, Rollicking Reindeer, pay

Christmas Elegance, pay

Christmas Eve, pay

Christmas French Horn, free

Christmas Love, pay

Christmas Ornament, free

Christmas Ornament (PDF), free

Christmas Ornaments, pay

Christmas Peace, pay

Christmas Pickle, pay

Christmas Present, pay

Christmas Set 1 & 2, 7 designs each, pay

Christmas Star, free

Christmas Stocking, pay

Christmas Tree, free

Christmas Tree, free

Christmas Tree, free

Christmas Tree (shaped), free

Christmas Tree, pay

Christmas Tree, pay

Christmas Tree Lot, free

Christmas Tree Mug Rug, Make 4 and stitch together for a cute cloth, free
Christmas Tree Row, free

Cradle For A King, Mary's Shawl, pay

Dancing Canes II, pay

Deer In Winter, pay

Drum, pay

Elf, pay

Elf Bootie, pay

First Christmas, pay

Folk Art Angel, pay

From The Heart, pay

Frosty, pay

Gingerbread Girl, free

Gingerbread House, pay

Gingerbread Love, pay

Gingerbread Man, free

Gingerbread Man, pay

Gingerbread Man, pay

Gingerbread Woman, pay

Girl Ice Skating, pay

Grinch, pay

Guardian Angel, free

Ho, Ho, Ho, pay

Ho, Ho, Ho, Merry Christmas, pay

Ho Ho Trees, pay

Holiday Candle, pay

Holiday Gift, pay

Holiday Pattern, free

Holiday Tree, pay

Holly and Berries, pay

Holly Berries, pay

Holly With Berries, pay

Jingle Bell, pay

Jolly Hat, free

Joy, pay

Joy, pay http://marilynsknittingheavenonearth.blogspot/

Lace Star, free

Let The Bells Ring, pay

Little Angel, pay

Little Drummer Boy, pay

Love All Around, pay

Mary, Nativity, pay

Melissa’s Christmas Bell, free

Melissa’s Christmas Reindeer, free

Melissa’s Christmas Tree, free

Milk and Cookies, pay

Mistletoe, pay

Mr. and Mrs. Claus, pay

Mr. Snowman, pay

Nativity, pay

Nativity, pay

Noel, pay

Noel Set, pay

North Pole, pay

Nouveau Tree, pay

NunuYaya, Star Shaped, free

Nutcracker Soldier, pay

O Christmas Tree, pay

Ohhh Christmas Tree, pay

Ornament, pay

Out of the Darkness Into the Light, pay

Peace, free

Peace on Earth, pay

Peaceful Snowflakes, pay

Peppermint, free

Poinsettia, pay

Poinsettias and Candles, pay

Rainy’s Christmas Tree, free

Reindeer, Deer, pay

Reindeer, pay

Reindeer Tracks, pay

Reindeer With Santa Hat, pay

Rudolph, pay

Sad Little Christmas Tree, pay

Santa, pay

Santa, pay

Santa, pay

Santa Cloths, pay

Santa Claus, free

Santa Hat, pay

Santa In Chimney, pay

Santa On A Candy Cane, pay

Santa Too, pay

Santa's Britches, pay

Santa's Coat, pay

Santa's Face, pay

Santa's Kisses, pay

Santa's Little Helper, pay

Short Row Peppermint, free

Simple Christmas Tree, pay

Sleigh, pay

Sleigh, pay

Sleigh Ride, pay

Sleigh Ride, pay

Snow Covered Tree, pay

Snow Crystal 1, pay

Snow Crystal 2, pay

Snow Crystal 3, pay

Snowflake, free

Snowflake, free

Snowflake, pay

Snowflake Star, pay

Snowman, pay

Snowman Angel, pay

Snowman Stocking, pay

Snowman With Santa Hat, pay

Spiral Tree, pay

Star, free

Star, free

Star of David, pay

Starry Night Christmas Tree, pay

Stocking, free

Stocking, pay

String of Lights, pay

Tall Skinny Christmas Tree, pay

The Santa Cloth, free

The Stocking Was Hung, pay

This Little Light of Mine, pay

Three Kings, pay

Tin's Knit Dishcloth Angel, free

Tiny Bubbles, pay

Traveling to Bethlehem, pay

Tree, free

Tree Lot, pay

Under The Mistletoe, pay

Wintery Tree In A Snowglobe, pay

Wreath, pay

Wreath With Bow, pay

X-mas Tree, pay