Friday, May 30, 2008

Holidays - Easter

Believe, free

Blossom Bunny, pay

Bunny, free

Bunny, free

Bunny, pay

Bunny, pay

Bunny, diagonal, free

Bunny In A Heart, pay

Bunny Magic, pay

Bunny Rabbit, pay

Chick, pay

Chocolate Bunny, pay

Cottontail the Bunny, pay

Crocus Buds, free

Cross With Cloth, pay

Daffodils, free

Duck, free

Easter, 8 patterns, pay

Easter Basket, free

Easter Basket, pay

Easter Basket, pay

Easter Basket, pay

Easter Bunny, pay

Easter Chick, pay

Easter Egg, free

Easter Egg, pay

Easter Egg, pay

Easter Egg, pay

Easter Egg, pay

Easter Egg Love, free

Easter Egg With Rickrack, pay

Easter Egg With Stripes, free

Easter Eggs, free

Easter Eggs, pay

Easter Peep, pay

Easter Sunday, pay

Empty Tomb, free

He Is Risen, pay

Henrietta Hen, pay

His Passion, pay

Hurtin' Bunnies, pay

Illusion bunny, free

Lamb, pay

Lil Chick, pay

Little Chick, free

Little Chick, pay

Little Duckling, pay

Love Bunnies, pay

Many Blessings, pay

Melissa’s Garden Daffodils, free

No Greater Love, free

Out Like A Lamb, free

Peepers, pay

Protection and Rest, pay

Sheepish, pay

Spring Set, Easter Grass and Sunshine, pay

Sweet!, Marshmallow Chick, free

Three Crosses, free

Tulip, pay

Tulip Trio, pay

Ultimate Easter Stripe, free

Wooly the Sheep, pay

Yummy Bunny, pay

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Holidays - Halloween

Bat, free

Bat, pay

Bats, pay

Batty, free

Batty, free

Black Cat, free

Black Cat, pay

Black Cat, pay

Black Widow Spider, pay

Bloodshot Eyeball, pay

Bone Filled Coffin, pay

Boo, free

Boo, Baby Washcloth, free

Boo, pay

Boo, pay

Candy Apple, pay

Candy Corn, free

Candy Corn, pay

Candy Corn Illusion, free

Clown, pay

Coffin, pay

Count Dracula, pay

Creepy Cloths, pay

Erlenmeyer Flask, free

Flashlight, pay

Frank, pay

Frankenstein's Monster, free

Frank 'n' Stein, pay

Frankie, pay

Frankie Stein, pay

Ghost, free

Ghost, pay

Ghost, pay


Ghost and Jack, pay

Ghouly graveyard, pay

Gone Batty, pay

GrimReaper, pay

Grim Reaper, pay

Halloween Bat, pay

Halloween Moon, pay

Halloween Sampler, pay

Happy Face, pay

Haunted House, pay

Haunted House On A Hill, pay

Haunted Manor, pay

Hayride, pay

Jack In A Witch Hat, pay

Jack O Lantern, free

Jackie O’Lantern, pay

Kitty, free

Lacy Jack-O-Lantern, free

Li’l Devil, pay

Little Ghosts, pay

Midnight Prowler, pay

Mummy, pay

Owl On A Branch, pay

Pirate, pay

Pumpkin, free

Pumpkin, free

Pumpkin, free

Pumpkin, free

Pumpkin, free

Pumpkin, pay

Pumpkins, pay

Pumpkin Too, pay

Punkin, free

R.I.P., pay

R.I.P., pay

Scardy Cat, pay

Scarecrow, pay

Science Lab, free

Skelly, No Legs, pay

Skull and Crossbones, free

Skull and Crossbones, free

Skull and Crossbones, free

Skull With Crossbones, pay

Skully, free

Smiley With Fangs, pay

Spider, pay

Spider, pay

Spider and Web, pay

Spider Web, pay

Spooky, pay

Spooky Batz, pay

Spooky Catz, pay

Spooky Pumpkin Face, pay

Spooky Spider, pay

Spooky Spider, pay

The Grim Reaper, free

Treat Bag, pay

Trick or Treat, pay

Trick or Treat, pay

Upside Down Bat, pay

Vampire, pay

Vampire Bat, pay

Vampire Love, pay

Witch, pay

Witch Hat, pay

Witch Hat, pay

Witch In Flight, free

Witch On A Broom, pay

Witch's Brew, pay

Witch's Cauldron, pay

Witch's Hat, free

Witch’s Hat and Broom, pay

Witch’s Hearth, pay

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Holidays - Other, Father's Day, Fourth of July, Hanukah, Mardi Gras, Mother's Day, New Years, St. Patrick's Day, Thanksgiving

-Father’s Day-

#1 Bro, pay

#1 Dad, pay

#1 Dad, pay

#1 DH, pay

A Father's Heart, pay

Aloha Shirt, pay

Argyle, pay

D'oh Dad, scroll down and link is on right, free

Dad, pay

Dad Trophy, pay

Father's Day Tie, pay

Four Wheel Drive Vehicle, pay

Hammock, pay

I Heart Dad, pay

I Love Dad, pay

Not Your Average, pay

Pappy, pay

Poppy, pay

Something for him, pay

Time Out Men's Set, pay

-Fourth of July(also see Patriotic)-

Cherry Bomb, pay

Firecracker, pay

Fireworks, pay

Flag In A Heart, pay

Happy 4th, pay

Heart Flag, pay

July, pay

Long May She Wave, pay

Organic, free

Patriotic Hat, pay

Soaring Rocket, free


Dreidel, free

Memory, pay

Menorah, free

Out of the Darkness Into the Light, pay

Star of David, free

Star of David, free

Star of David, free

Star of David, pay

Star of David, pay

-Mardi Gras-

Fleur De Lis, free

Fleur De Lis, pay

Fleur De lis Illusion (PDF), free

Mardi Gras CrownFleur De Lis, pay

Mardi Gras Feathered MaskFleur De Lis, pay

Mardi Gras Mask, free

-Mother’s Day-

#1 Mom, pay

#1 Sis, pay

Cameo, pay

Chinese Symbol, Mother, pay

Flower Power, free

Grandma, pay

I Heart Mom, pay

I Love Mom, pay

In the Arms of Love, pay

Mama, pay

Mary, Nativity, pay

Mom, pay

Mom, pay

Mom, pay

Mom's Flower, pay

Mom With Hearts, pay

Mommy, pay

Mother, pay

Mother, Chinese Symbol, pay

Mother's Day Cloth, free

Mother's Day Heart, pay

Mother's Day Rose, free

Pick A Posy For Mom, pay

Retro Flowers, pay

Rose Bud, pay

Single Rose, scroll down and link is on right, free

-New Years-

2008, pay

2009, free

2009 With Bottle and Confetti, pay

2009 With Sparkles, pay

2010, pay

Fireworks, pay

Let's Party, pay

I Heart To Knit In 2009, free

New Year's Resolution #1, Lose Weight, pay

New Year's Resolution #2, Stop Smoking, pay

New Year's Resolution #3, Take A Trip, pay

New Year's Resolution #4, Get Fit and Strong, pay

New Year's Resolution #5, Try Somethin New, pay

Soaring Rocket, free

Tiny Bubbles, pay

-St. Patrick’s Day-

Black Watch, free

Celtic Knot, pay

Claddagh, pay

Eire Shamrock, pay

Erin Go Bragh, pay

Eternity Knot, pay

Four Leaf Clover, pay

Four Leaf Clover, pay

Kiss Me, I’m Irish, pay

Leprechaun, pay

Lepruchaun and Pot of Gold, free

Leprechaun Hat and Pipe, pay

Lucky, pay

Lucky pig, pay

Pot of Gold, pay

Pot of Gold, pay

Reversible Shamrock, free

Shamrock, free

Shamrock, pay

Shamrock, pay

Shamrocks, 2 patterns, free

Shamrock Heart, pay

Shamrock Lace, free

Top O' The Morning, pay


Bless Our Home, pay

Cornucopia, pay

Female Pilgrim, pay

Gary the Gobbler, free

Give Thanks, pay

Gobble, free

Happy Thanksgiving, pay

Holiday Turkey, pay

Male Pilgrim, pay

Native American, pay

Native American Woman, pay

Pilgrim Hat, pay

Pumpkin, free

Pumpkin, free

Pumpkin, pay

Pumpkin, pay

Pumpkin Pie A La Mode, pay

Pumpkin Too, pay

Pumpkin Too, pay

Pumpkins, pay

Teepee, pay

Thanks, free

Thanksgiving Cloths Set(6 patterns), pay

Turkey, free

Turkey, pay

Turkey, pay

Turkey Lurky, pay

Turkey Tracks, pay

Turkey Wishbone, pay

Who Would Like A Leg?, free

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Holidays - Valentines Day

5 Heart, free

Amazing Love, pay

Angel Heart, pay

Be Mine, pay

Be My Dishcloth, free

Be My Valentine, free

Be My Valentine, pay

Because You Care, pay

Bound By Love, pay

Box of Candy, pay

Broken Heart, pay

Broken Heart, pay

Bubble Heart, pay

Bumpy Love, free

Bunny In A Heart, pay

Claddagh, pay

Cupid, pay

Cupid Love, pay

Embossed Heart, free

Embossed Hearts, free

Embossed Hearts Allover, free

Eternity Knot, pay

Eyelet Bordered Heart, free

Fancy Heart, pay

Five Hearts, free

Floral Heart, pay

Forget Me Not, pay

Four-Square Hearts, pay

Four-Square Love, pay

Framed Heart, pay

Framed Hearts, pay

Gifts For Someone Special, Snowberry Leaves, Hugs & Kisses, and Sweetheart tree, pay

Grandmother's Favorite With Heart, Diagonal, free

Have A Heart, free

Heart, free

Heart, free

Heart, free

Heart, free

Heart, free

Heart, free

Heart and Home, pay

Heart Balloon Trio, pay

Heart Cloth, free

Heart Cloth, free

Heart In Hand, pay

Heart Lace, free

Heart Lollipop, free

Heart Of Stars, pay

Heart On Fire, pay

Heart Pig, pay

Heart Quilt, pay

Heart Quilt 2, pay

Heart Shape, free

Heart Shaped, free

Heart Shaped, free

Heart With Arrow, pay

Heartbeats, pay

Hearts, pay

Hearts A Plenty, pay

Hearts Delight, pay
Hearts Line Dance, free

Hot Cocoa Mug, pay

Hugs and Kisses, free

Hugs and Kisses, pay

I Heart Dad, pay

I Heart Mom, pay

I Heart U, free

I Heart U, pay

I Love Dad, pay


I Love Mom, pay

I Love U, diagonal, free

I Love You, pay

I Love You, ASL, free

I Love You, pay

I Love You, pay

I Love You, ASL, pay

I Love You (sign Language), pay

Illusion Heart, free

Interlocked Hearts, free

Key To My Heart, pay

Kiss, pay

Kiss Me, pay

Kiss Me, pay

Kissy Me, pay

Knit and Purl Hearts, free

Lace Heart, free

Lacy Edge Heart Shaped, free

Lacy Hearts, One Way, free

Lattice Hearts, free

L.O.V.E., pay

Love, free

Love, pay

Love, pay

Love All Around, pay

Love At Home, pay

Lovebirds, pay

Love Day, free

Love Heart, pay

Love Postage Stamp, pay

Love Shack, pay

Love Struck, pay

Luv, pay

Luv Bug, free

Maison D' Amour, pay

Melissa's Valentine Dishcloth, free

Moss Stitch Heart, pay

Piece Of My Heart, free

Piece Of My Heart, pay

Puppy Love, pay

Purple Hearts 1, free

Purple Hearts 2, free

Quilted Hearts, free

Quilted With Love, pay

Reversible Four Corner Heart, free

Surrounded By Love, pay

Sweetheart, free

Sweethearts, Version One, free

Sweethearts, Version Two, free

Sweethearts, Version Three, free

Sweethearts, Version Four, free

Sweethearts Pig, pay

Teddy Bear Love, pay

The Love cloth, free

True Love, pay

Two Hearts As One, free

Two Hearts Become One, pay

Two Hearts Entwined, pay

Valentine, free

Valentine, free

Valentine Heart, pay

Valentine Hearts, free

Valentines Day Cloth Set, pay

Wedding Ring Heart, pay

XOX, pay

You Are Loved, pay

Young Love, pay

Saturday, May 10, 2008


Autumn Illusion, free

Breast Cancer Illusion, free

Candy Cane, free

Candy Corn Illusion, free

Checkerboard illusion Tutorial, free

Dragonfly, (really a scarf but just do one repeat), free

Fleur De lis Illusion (PDF), free

Heart, free

Hedwig (PDF), free

I Love you With Teardrop, free

Illusion Bunny, free

Illusion Heart, free

Kitty, free

Moon and Star, pay

Mother Earth, free

Om, pay

Paw Print Illusion, free

Reddy the Fox (PDF), free

VA Tech Commemorative, free

Where's Bob, free

Monday, May 5, 2008

Little Extras - Bibs, Labels, Towels, Scrubbies, Potholders, etc.


Baby Love Bib, free

Basketweave Bib, free

Boo Baby Bib, free

Cupcake, free

Dinosaur, free

Flutterby Bib, free

Gobble, free

Hay, Baby, free

Heartbeat, free

Imp, free

Let It Snow, Baby, free

Marty's Mouse, free

Penguin, free

Petit Fleurs Bib, free

Puddles the Duck, free

Quacking Up, free

Rhonda’s Delight, free

Simple Garter Stitch, free

Teddy Bear, free

This Bear’s Repeating, free

-Labels and Tags-

Altered Dishcloth Care Tag, Back (PDF), free

Altered Dishcloth Care Tag, Front (PDF), free

Angel Cloth Saying, free

Care Tags, free

Christmas Gift Tags From Harvest Moon, free

Dishcloth Labels, free

Harvest Moon Logo Labels, free

Whimsey Care Instruction Tag (PDF), free


Double Knit Pot handle Holder, free

Magic Stripe, free

Parellelogram, free

Potholder, free

Santa's Britches, pay

Striped, free

Thermal knit Potholder, free


Bubbles, free

Bubbles With Fins, free

Circular Scrubby, free

Different Things To different People, pay

Dish Scrubby, free

Dishcloth Duo, free

Fishy Tawashi, free

Frilly Tawashi, free

Leaf Sachet Scrubby, free

Love Knots, pay

Patches, pay

Pot Scrubber, free

Scrubbie, free

Scrubbie and Matching Cloth, free

Scrubbies, free

Scrubber, free

Scrubber, pay

Scrubbles, free

Shamrock Scrubbie, free

Stars (scrubbie size), free

Teeny Weeny, free

Thick and Thirsty, pay

Tribble, free
Tribble Tutorial,

Ugly, free


3 Diamond, free

Bucking (rearing) Horse, pay

Christmas Candle, free

Christmas Joy, free

Columns, free

Domestic, free

Dress and Pinafore Towel, uses store-bought towel, free

Edging to knit and sew onto purchased towels, free

Emerald’s Lace Bath Set, free

Eyelets on the diagonal, free

Feathers, free

Gridded Towel, free

Guest Towels, free

Handtowel, free

His and Hers Towel and Cloth Set, free

Just Hanging Around, pay

Kitchen Towel, free

Lacy Mock Cable, free

LDS, pay

Margaret's, free

Pumpkin Too, pay

Raindrops on Roses, pay

Reverse Diamond Towel, free

Rose, free

Santa, pay

Star Stitch, free

Tea Kettle, pay

Thick and Thirsty, pay

Towel, free

Towel and Cloth Set, free

Towel Topper, free

Towels, pay

Two Hearts As One, free


Angel, Make an Angel From A Dishcloth, free

Bag Minder, free

Circle of Love Mini Cloth, free

Dishcloth Mitts, free

Miniature Heart, free

Miniature Smiley, free

Miniature Wee Lace, free

Napkin Rings, free

Octopus Bath Mitt, free