Sunday, November 1, 2009

New Patterns Posted 11-1-09

The designers have been busy! Enjoy the patterns :) Most of the categories in the list below, when clicked on, will take you to more patterns in that category. The new patterns all have clickable links. Also see all pattern categories in the sidebar on the right of your screen.

Be sure to check out the 2010 Knitting Calendar with lots of great patterns!

------Alphabet and Numbers------


---American Sign Language---

---Chinese Symbols---

Chinese Double Happiness, pay


------Animals and Animal Related Patterns, A-M------

100% Newfie, pay

Bucking (rearing) Horse, pay

Cow, Hay, Baby, free

Down Came A Spider, pay

Egret, pay

Elephant, pay

Gobble, free

Hay, Baby, free

Horse, Bucking (rearing) Horse, pay

Imp, free

Lots Of Spiders, pay

Monkey, Imp, free

------Animals and Animal Related Patterns, N-Z------

Newfie, pay

Piggy, pay

Spider, Down Came A Spider, pay

Spider, Lots Of Spiders, pay

Turkey, Gobble, free

Vulture, pay

Zebra Profile, pay


Barn, pay

Castle, free

------Around The house------

Tea Kettle, pay

------Awareness and Causes------

------Baby and Child------

Bath Time With Duckies, pay

Believe, pay

Binky, pay

Birthday, Cupcake, free

Castle, free

Cupcake, free

Magic Wand, pay

Soft Touch, pay

Sue Reading, pay

------Careers and Hobbies------

Elvis, pay

Proud To Be A Vet Tech, pay

Star Of Life, pay


------Clothing and Accessories------

Corset, pay

------Diagonal or Shapes------

Another Grandmother’s Favorite, free

Apple, free

Baseball, free

Octagon, free

Seaside Set, pay

------Double Knitting------

------Family and Friends------

Faith, Family, Friends, pay

Grandma, pay

Mimmi, pay

Mom, pay

Mommy, pay

Pappy, pay

Poppy, pay

------Food and Drink------

Apple, free

Candy Corn, pay

Cupcake, free


Mexico, pay

Volcano, pay

------Holidays -------


Believe, pay

Santa, pay

Santa Cloths, pay



Boo, free

Candy Corn, pay

Halloween Moon, pay

Halloween Sampler, pay

Jack In A Witch Hat, pay

Lacy Jack-O-Lantern, free

Little Ghosts, pay

Pumpkin, free

Pumpkin Too, pay

Spooky, pay

Vampire Love, pay

------Holidays, Other------

---Father's Day---

Pappy, pay

Poppy, pay

---Fourth Of July---


---Mother's Day---

Grandma, pay

Mom, pay

Mommy, pay

---New Year's Day---

---St. Patrick's Day---


Gobble, free

Pumpkin Too, pay

------Holidays - Valentine's Day------

Heart Of Stars, pay


------Little Extras------


Cupcake, free

Gobble, free

Hay, Baby, free

Heartbeat, free

Imp, free

Petit Fleurs Bib, free

---Labels and Tags---



Different Things To different People, pay

Patches, pay

Thick and Thirsty, pay


Bucking (rearing) Horse, pay

Edging to knit and sew onto purchased towels, free

Guest Towels, free

Just Hanging Around, pay

Pumpkin Too, pay

Santa, pay

Tea Kettle, pay

Thick and Thirsty, pay


Dishcloth Mitts, free


10/10/09, pay
Sue’s Days Of The Week, pay

------Music, Theatre, Art------

------Names A-M------

Abe, pay

Ainsley, pay

Alecia, pay

Anita, pay

Arja, pay

Ashton, pay

Ava, pay

Binky, pay

Bram, pay

Brenna, pay

Brett, pay

Bubba, pay

Cadyn, pay

Calla, pay

Callie, pay

Carolina, pay

Cayden, pay

Chelsea, pay

Christa, pay

Cole, pay

Cooper, pay

Cullens, The Cullens, pay

Dakota, pay

Danielle, pay

Elvis, pay

Emily, pay

Emmett, pay

Gavin, pay

Grandma, pay

GTO, pay

Hayley, pay

Henny, pay

Inie, pay

Inez, pay

Janna, pay

Jasen, pay

Johanna, pay

Joyce, pay

Kate, pay

Landon, pay

Lindsay, pay

Lorena, pay

Luke, pay

Maddox, pay

Maggie, pay

Marty, pay

Mary, pay

Meaghan, pay

Mikayla, pay

Mimmi, pay

Mom, pay

Mommy, pay

------Names N-Z------

Newfie, pay

Nicholas Cy'Darious, pay

Noah, pay

Nolan, pay

Olivia, pay

Pappy, pay

Poppy, pay

Rayanna, pay

Rob Heart Jenna, pay

Romy, pay

Rosalee, pay

Sassy Magoo, pay

Shantelle, pay

Shea, pay

Sissy, pay

Spring Grove Methodist Est. 1856, pay

Teagan, pay

The Cullens, pay

Tragus, pay

Ty, pay

Tyla, pay

Yolie, pay


Palms Up For Vacations, free

Seaside Set, pay


------Pattern Cloths A-M------

Another Way of Doing Things, pay

Candy Corn, pay

Completion, pay

Cumulus, free

Different Things To different People, pay

Dunamis, pay

End Of The Rainbow, free

Enduring Peace, pay

Eusemos, pay

Everlasting Hope, pay

From Far Away, pay

Garter Slip Stitch, free

Hesitation, pay

Linoleum, free

------Pattern Cloths N-Z------

Not A Trace, pay

Overpowering Charity, pay

Patches, pay

Pebbles On The Road Of Life, pay

Plain and Simple, pay

Plain Square, free (scroll down)

Redeeming Grace, pay

Reoccuring Memories, pay

Sampler Cloth, free

Thick and Thirsty, pay

Unthinkable, pay

Washcloth, free

Who Says A Dishcloth Has To Be Ugly, pay

You Won’t Believe It, pay

------Pattern Cloths - Cables------

Raspberry Jam, free

------Pattern Cloths - Lace------

Brit, pay

Crossing The River, pay

Hagneia, pay

Lacy Blanket Square, free

Lacy Leaf, free

Sailing Away, pay

Summertime Spa, free

Trinity, pay

------Pattern Cloths - Modular------

------Pattern Cloths - Round-------

Baby Wavy, free

Dainty Dos, pay

Fancy, pay

Frill, free

Round, free

Wedge, free


Apple, free

Autumn Leaves, pay

Desert Beauty, free

Falling Leaves, free

Palms Up For Vacations, free

Petit Fleurs, free

Poppy, pay

------Ravelry Dishcloth Patterns------

Cleopatra Bath Set, pay

Cute Dragon, free

Dachshund, free


Believe, pay

Faith, Family, Friends, pay

------Seasons - Spring------

March, pay

------Seasons - Summer-------

------Seasons - The Fall------

Apple, free

Autumn Leaves, pay

Falling Leaves, free

November, pay

------Seasons - Winter------

December, pay

February, pay

January, pay

Snowflake, free

------Sports, Fitness, Colleges------

MSU, pay

------Transportation and Vehicles------

Cooper, pay

GTO, pay


To Have And To Hold, pay

Wedding Cloths, set of 8, pay

------Western, Southwestern------

Bucking (rearing) Horse, pay


Be Safe, free

Believe, pay

True Blood, pay

Whatever, pay